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Kali Bradford & Lee Kershaw: ‘The Kids are Alright’

August 21, 2018

Episode 3 of the BIMM : Inside the Music Industry podcast is here! Despite what you may have heard ‘The Kids are Alright’, so this week we’re chatting with the ever so youthful Kali Bradford (Label Manager at Distiller Records) and Lee Kershaw (Label Coordinator and Project Manager for Sunday Best).

To set the scene… we’re two days into The Great Escape Festival in Brighton and everyone has been ‘enjoying’ themselves somewhat. Jen overcomes this self-inflicted hurdle and finds out what they love about music and how they found their way so quickly into such influential roles at two fantastic indie labels. SPOILER ALERT: interning is a good thing. Enjoy!

BIMM’s Inside the Music Industry pulls back the curtain on the music business, giving an up close, intimate look into the numerous roles, positions and career paths possible within this ever-changing field. Our very own Dr. Jennifer Otter Bickerdike, best-selling author and industry veteran, will be interviewing experts from across the music community, to find out their individual paths, what their ‘average’ day looks like and advice for finding your own niche while embarking on a successful and fulfilling career.

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